Familieband Enterprises, LLC was formed in 2015 by Gerald Erickson and Debra Smith.  The mission was to acquire rental properties that were consistent with our vision of a fun, family based vacation.  That vision translated into a formula for a traditional type of vacation where activities and accommodations promote families to connect and interact in an “old school” manner.

We are very pleased that, after much planning, our first property was acquired in 2017.  Mooncreek in the Poconos is the first of many that we plan to acquire and apply our back to tradition formula to the properties.  So, exactly what is the “tradition formula”?  It’s a reconnect of families through fun activities and enjoying the outdoors without electronics or social media to mediate the experience.  Therefore, there will be no electronics, or video games supplied at Familieband homes.  There will be TV’s and Wi-Fi for those who need it…but for sure this is not our focus.

The “electronics” will be replaced with “retro games.”  Such as air hockey, ping pong, darts, jingo, checkers, and many others including an extensive selection of board games.  Outdoor toys include a 5 person pedal boat, paddle boards, fishing gear, hiking gear, horse shoes, volleyball, and of course all of the great lake side activities.  Please make sure you check the links for Pinecrest Lake and Lake Naomi on our site for a complete list of amenities.  Also check out our page for great activities in the area – Local Activities In Area.

The Mooncreek property located in Pinecrest Lake community and met all the requirements to become a Familieband property and its our wish that everyone enjoys a visit back to simpler times and just plain fun.

Jerry Erickson and Debra Smith

p.s. fyi…Familieband is the Norwegian word for strong family ties.


Access is available to the club's restaurant and premier golf club with temporary membership!

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Included in your rental is a great pedal boat to enjoy the Pinecrest Lake...swimming, fishing, or just drifting is great fun!

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